MGO 83 / UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey

MGO 83 / UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey

(3 customer reviews)

MGO 83 / UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey

With its medicinal properties and health benefits, our UMF 5+ Mānuka honey supports everyday wellness. Perfect on your morning toast or porridge, or as a sweetener to replace refined sugar in your diet. Our 5+ UMF grade is also perfect for cooking, where you want the flavour of the honey without the expense of higher antibacterial properties. Mild in flavour with smooth caramel tones. Contains a minimum of 83mg/kg of methyglyoxal.

Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.


MGO 83 / UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey


250g, 500g, 1kg

3 reviews for MGO 83 / UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey

  1. Andrew

    Very Nice honey. would reamend it to any honey lover.

  2. Jess

    Love it

  3. Jenson

    Cannot recommend this enough. I was advised by a friend to try Manuka to heal an open wound I’d had for 10 months from surgery. Doctors couldn’t do anything about it, but after getting some manuka and putting it on the wound once a day for 5 days it completely healed over. No idea how it happened, but it is incredible!!!!!

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